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Time is now

I always worry about wasting time

I always rush to get something done quickly

I set a goal and set a time for myself to reach that goal in the shortest time possible

There is no time for slowing down

Life is quick

Life is hectic

Life is a journey to the death

My view is set in the future

I never see the moment of now

I never know how to treasure the precious things that are happening right now

I never have time for happily living in the present

Until now 🙂

Happy ending – joke for Thursday

Zen, you look so angry and confused, what happened?

I am very angry with all this happy ending stories that we keep telling kids,

something like “… they get married and live happily ever after!”

Great! majority of the kids believe this, until one day they make their own fairy tales

2 under 2 year old toddlers crying, daddy is going to be late today, work is busy as ever

Alright, mom will do the drop off and pick up the kids,

Never mind the sleepless nights these days because one toddler got bad coughing at night and demand the whole family to join the night party

Some career progress and promotion is compromised because family priorities are on the plate

Zen is climbing up the life ladder and the big wind keeps blowing Zen backwards,

Then she keeps hearing this, never give up, keep on doing what you love,

It’s all become white noise in her ears, like blah blah blah …

Quiet day

It is necessary to have a quiet day for self relaxation and self reflection

It is a minimalist day amongst many maximalist days where you didn’t have time for yourself, and just busy with everything in life

It is a detox day to clean away all the sadness and burden in your head, to come out clean and fresh for new ideas and new days to come

A minimalist day when all you need to do is do nothing, plan nothing , just watch the day go by, or doing only things that bring love and happiness and self satisfaction

When the pace of life gets hectic, just one day to slow down, to look back and recharge the body and mind

In a hectic life, take a moment to stop and revaluate everything you have right now, what you want in the future and what you can leave behind

In a hectic life, there are moments when you can still find and enjoy the beauty of life ; and never forget that life is meant to be beautiful and for us to enjoy, not to suffer

Don’t forget to have a minimalist day once in a while

Pas – de – Calais , North France

We visited Arras and Saint Omer this time.

The French has beautiful churches and beautiful tall old buildings

The French bakery is exquisite, one of the best dessert places i have ever been to

I will definitely visit France again to do another road trip around France

One beautiful day in Lille

French culture,

French music,

French bakery,

French food ,

i am all in love

Beautiful historical city Bruges

The beautiful buildings, the chocolate, the food, the vibes, the people.

Everything about this city is so unique and attractive that I would love to visit it again one day.

😘 Bruges

Life is beautiful

Even though sometimes it felt like there were only darkness

Even though at times you kept failing no matter how hard you tried

There were days when you felt you were all alone even though your loved one is right there

Just find your breath , keep breathing, you will find a clear mind

Just find your hope, keep it alive and don’t loose courage

Just like dark clouds will disappear in the end

Only the blue sky to reveal, it’s always there, it never goes away.

Don’t give up before you see the blue sky , reach your success, and fulfil your life purpose

Learn to write

It is just writing out what currently is in your head

There are many thoughts in my head all the time

However when i decide to write something, there’s nothing i could think of

It could be that i always think i should write something special, not just the boring daily routine

Then what is special, nothing is special enough

That’s why start writing is always a challenge

Write something everyday, just a simple thing in my life, and make me smile when i read it again in a few months or years

Every journey starts with the first few baby steps

Just keep the determination and keep doing it

Don’t give up

Minimalist life

It is not a rose bouquet

It is not luxury

It is not shopping heaven

It is not the limelight

It is nothing to do with abundance

It is all about less

Less worries

Less nonsense

Less materialist

Less wasting time

It is all about more

More freedom

More quality time

More yourself

More meaningful

Take the daily challenge

Everyday is a brand new start

It’s our new challenge, face it and success from it

Everyday is a brand new hope

It’s our new opportunity, welcome it and be optimistic

Everyday is a brand new breath

It refreshes our lung, our cells, especially our inner peace, it keeps us living

Be thankful when you wake up healthy every day

Be thankful when life gives you a new opportunity

Be thankful to life

Be happy always