Life reflection

It is hard to be content in life, i always dream to have more, go out more, spend more. I also want to have someone else’s life. Some people are born rich, they told me if anything can be solved by money then it’s not a big problem. Well, money is my problem, I don’t have much money and there are things which needs to be solved with a big amount of money then it is my problem. But i happen to know that rich people have problem in their lives too and i aware that sometimes they want my life.

Life is not perfect, to have happiness is to happy with being oneself and live a unique life, everyone is unique and everyone has good and bad things which is just part of this life. Desire less material good and focus on the inner peace, meditating, yoga and eat in moderation, this is the way to have a healthy body and healthy mind and be happy.

My life mojo is in this order: Wealthy is not as good as being healthy, being healthy is not as good as being happy. Do things that make me happy and keep doing what i love, all the dots will connect in the end.




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