A minute or a day to forget about your own problem

A tsunami hit an island in Indonesia today and killed nearly 500 people, it makes me feel ALL my current problems in life means so little compared to this huge loss to mankind. There are so little i can do

  • Find a reliable charitable organisation like Oxfam Appeal or Unicef and start donating, millions of small donation will make a difference to many struggling lives there
  • Spread the news as far and wide as i could and expect people to do something which i believe could make a big impact
  • Pray for the loss lives and realise that the distance between life and dead are so far yet so near, and there’s no time to moan for the past or over worrying about the future, may be just live and be content at the present
  • Be kind to people around me because i don’t know what tomorrow will bring
  • Love more and worry less
  • Realise that a life time dedication to wealth, fame and material accumulation could all disappear in a blink of an eye, only love will stay with you till the end
  • Be a minimalist and be happy
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