The minimal traveller

The first stage of becoming a minimalist: throw away things that you don’t feel happy around them, declutter your house, buying less goods and create more space in your house

When you live a simple life and cutting down on material shopping, you will be more free and travel the world with the money you could save from buying stuffs



Enjoy simple food, with a calm and present mind , don’t let your mind wonder away, focus on what you have at present and treasure this minute


Go through your photo library and enjoy those beautiful captures you have made

Photo 22-02-2012 00 18 08


Photo 22-02-2012 00 18 14


Photo 22-02-2012 00 20 24


Photo 25-02-2012 09 32 50

I have been to developing countries where people are poorer yet happier because they live a simpler life and desire less




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