Achieve a calm and relax 15 minute serenity

I want to have a relax day and be myself, but today i can’t flight to a sunshine sandy beach, so i browse my holiday photo books again. I found the picture below which i took while i was in Con Dao Island in Vietnam, such a beautiful memory and I would absolutely love to visit this island again one day.

Looking on the bright side, i made myself a warm cup of tea. If you have done yoga, you will know that you need to focus on your breath for every yoga posture, it helps you to calm and relax your body and your mind. While making my tea, I do it slowly, focus on my breath in and out, i feel calm when i don’t think anything else but only the action of pouring hot water from the kettle to the cup, adding milk, stirring, and ensure to achieve the perfection through out the whole process. And when you are done, just sit down and enjoy your cup of tea, and feel your present, and hope you feel the inner peace like i do.

Photo 21-02-2012 03 23 26

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