Free ways to enjoy your day

Plan your day

Make your breakfast coffee

Prepare your food for the day, make sure they are healthy , i mean less sugar and fat , more fruits and veggies

I promise it takes no time to prepare your own meal, make sure you do the online grocery and everything you want to eat is stocked up and ready. This is 50% cheaper than eating out.

Spend time in nature, be it at the park or by the sea. It is very soothing and calming. I am in my 30s and feel that i am no longer belong to crowded places, it make me dizzy and exhausted. Nature can nurture my body and my mind and recharge my energy for the next day.

Catch up with your loved ones, they are the best therapy you can have, it is not about how much money you spent, it is all about how fulfilling and valuing that you feel in your mind and soul.

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