Minimalist Yoga

I have been doing yoga for a few years now, it’s the best way to calm your mind and listen to your body and in control of your breath.


Before my minimalist life – I used to attend yoga class after work or before work, which very well revitalises my body and energy. Now that i have partly done with decluttering my house , which gave me space to do yoga at home, i feel even better and more satisfied with myself. I am trying to combine practicing yoga with a simple diet with mainly veggie and fruits, cutting down caffein, alcohol, meat and processed sugar. My skin looks smoother and brighter, less acne and spots, fine line is slowly disappearing which is a good progress.

My aim will be doing 1 hour of yoga at home everyday, together with slowly decluttering my house over time to free up even more space, to create a more tranquil and zen living environment for my family. Husband will need to visit the recycling centre over the weekend to get rid of all the unwanted stuffs.

Some fruits or a glass of smoothie boost a great deal to your body after the one hour yoga session 🙂 Let’s get it done.


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