Zen at work

I have been working with many difficult people , to some extent, they make me feel like the office is a war zone, i feel uncomfortable around them, i resist to talk to them, i avoid going to lunch at the same time with them. I can’t help it, it happens so i behave in such a negative way. It actually affects my day and makes me enjoy going to work less.

Now i think about it, it’s all in my head. All the negative thought in my head just do no good for me, it makes me behave in such negative way, it surely stop me from being my best and it adversely affect my performance. Now i learn to tackle all the negativity in life with a positive mind and willing to make friends rather than drawing a war zone, eventually, we are all human and we love to be loved.

I have started practised the zen at work, and it’s not 100% perfect, but one sure thing is when my mind is still like a still lake, i can see thing much clearer and in its truest form, i just don’t let negative thought about people enter my head. I look at life through my shiny new positive lens, and become a better version of myself.



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