Minimalist – Happy Friday

Being a minimalist does not stop me from loving the weekend. We all do!

I used to go out with my work friends after work, have a couple of drinks to welcome the weekend. It was great fun , i built better connection with work through those social events. I vowed to cut down on alcohol right?! I do still enjoy a glass of wine, but very slowly and take time to actually drink and feel it, this way the quantity of alcohol consumed will reduce during the night, too much wine is not good for my body anyway 🙂

Plan needs to be made for the wonderful weekend , to spend quality time with family, to do something you love , to rest and recharge for next week. I used to plan big thing like driving to the countryside, stay in a cottage during the weekend,  kids can enjoy the countryside fun.

Surprisingly, i realise that it doesn’t need to be somewhere away, when i am calm and live for the present, i can feel joy just staying in my tidy house, have my favourite cup of tea, making a simple meal for the family , listen to my daughter reading out loud her school book , and keep a smile on my face. Visiting friends are a great part of the weekend when i can catch up with everything from work to life and exchange notes to  live better and sweeter.

Bear in mind to cut down on caffein, alcohol, white carb and processed sugar , for a glowing skin and a healthy body me.





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