Minimalist on a break

Take leave from busy work day is a great way to calm and relax your mind and body, it’s the perfect time to cut down on caffein, alcohol, sugar and practise yoga. It’s surprising how much you need to spend on shopping therapy to make you feel better after such a long and demanding work day. So you spend more, and then work harder to earn back the money, you feel worn out, you shop again, get on the merry go round all over again. When i don’t work, i listen to my body and my mind, do the good thing for my body and my mind, instead of abusing it, so gone the need for shopping therapy, or take away coffee, i minimise the amount of money i spent on shopping just like that. I feel good because i have been kind to myself, knowing that i am being healthy and relax and calm, which is the best thing i can do to myself, the best investment to my body.


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