Break the code

So after 3 days of no coffee, i had my first cup today at 3pm, with a couple of biscuits. Remarkable note is that the coffee was not as enjoyable the way my memory used to remind me. In the past, I had 1 coffee, i finished, then i would like to have another one. Today, i feel that it was a little bit bitter, so i finish the cup and stop.

A couple of biscuits? well that was lots of refined sugar i have consumed too, but i will remind myself to go easy on sugar for the rest of today. I will make it up for this bad consumption by taking more fruits and salads for dinner, hopefully no more white carb and less meat consumed.

The good thing is that i will for sure achieve my 10,000 step target for the day, not another excuse to consume bad food, just need to remind myself that i am trying to be kind to my body, and to invest in my personal healthy body and mind. One of the favourite sayings from a great influential person ” the most expensive bed is the sick bed”, even i break the code, i still vow to be kind to my body and not going to abuse it any more.




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