Life is a gift

Grab life with both hands and treasure every minute of your life.

Becoming a minimalist has been amazing. I start decluttering my house as much as possible. Instead of my regularly visit to Ikea to buy more furniture for my house, i visit the recycling centre more to get rid of stuffs i have been accumulating over all these years.

I can see changes in every room, it’s like a detox for my house and it gave me a deep sense of satisfaction now i see that my house looks tidier and brighter.

My head seems clearer and i feel greater, my spending also reduces significantly so is my pressure to work longer hours to make more money. There are certainly more in life than stress at work and wealth accumulation.

I can enjoy zen and tranquility in my own house now it is clean and tidy and everything is in order.

My life seems to be in order and surely getting better now.


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