The world is waiting for you

Sometimes i just need to stay at home, to do whatever i want to do, slowly make a cuppa, watch tv, sleep, read and most important, be alone. It is necessary to be alone or even lonely sometimes just to know what your body is screaming for you to listen. So I did listen to my body, it needs to be pampered, if you make yourself feel good and look good, it is contagious, people will feel the same way, and it is wonderful.

When you feel good about yourself, people will feel good about you too, and they will feel amazing around you. If you are kind to a stranger on public transport for example, may be offering your seat, i am sure people will acknowledge that and respect you for that kind gesture. The world out there is waiting for you to get out and doing good thing to the society. And you make the world a better place to live in, and make a better version of yourself.

If you feel sad, or feel lonely, don’t worry, we all do sometimes. But i always remember that when i get ready and go out to face the world, there are so many people out there who i can help , i can make their days and my day more meaningful just by being kind and helpful.

The world is waiting , we all have the power to make it a better place to live

Live happily and listen to your heart

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