Minimalist – No to fast fashion


I have no clue until today, after i watched this documentary on BBC about fashion industry in the top 5 industries causing pollution to the world we live in.

Fashion used to be an important part of my life, it was once my mojo, work hard, shop harder. I couldn’t even remember what fashion piece i have and don’t have in my wardrobe. My behaviour was just pure impulsive spending.

Fast fashion industry is causing huge environmental damage in developing countries, pollution in the air, people have no clean air to breath, shortage of clean water. Cotton, our favourite buy, apparently use tons of water in the manufacturing process, and people have no clean water for their basic needs for cooking, cleaning.

No fast fashion at the cost of people on the planet suffering from shortage of clean air and clean water.

This is making me thinking twice before i head to the shop and buy another piece of clothes which i know i will only wear it once or twice.



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