I hated rainy day, not anymore

It reminded me again that i hated rain

It’s raining again today, it’s getting heavier, my small umbrella ☂️ couldn’t cover me well

Big splashes of rain are getting everywhere,

Great!! My shoes are wet now, my tight are wet now. It is a under 10 degree C winter day so it is cold too!!

I feel a sense of panic slowly creeping in me

I don’t like to get wet and as a result,

Don’t like to be out in the rain

A deep breath,

My inner voice starts to raise up, calm down, you are getting wet, so what?! It’s not that big deal

See now, I am still breathing well

I start to feel the rain getting lighter

I even feel the crisp fresh air in the rain

And the sky line is gradually looking brighter

Rain is not a big deal anymore

So I welcome rainy day !!

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