Time to stop your search for happiness 🙏

Because it is not anywhere to be searched for.

Because it is with you, right now, if you stop chasing for a minute and start living

When you are living, you notice that you are breathing in and out, you stay calm and listen to your body, the wind, the tree, the bird, the scenery around you

Just set up the timing on your phone, 1 minute to breath, 1 minute to put your hand on your heart and feel the heartbeats with your love and care

Slow down and don’t rush living

When you are rushing , you waste the moment of now because you have not living it

Don’t chase for material accumulation because it will seize to bring happiness, I did my best to get a well paid job but i felt trapped all that time and i spent the hard earn money as a therapy to cure my inner unhappiness, that was ineffective and not earth friendly 🍂

Simplicity and minimalist is the ideal way to follow, reducing the carbon footprint on earth is the way to care and be happy and fulfilled

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