The minimalist and finance

It is not difficult to be kind to your budget when you are a minimalist

After 6 months practising on minimalism, I have cut down significantly on my shopping budget, and this has helped hugely with stabilising my finance and keep my saving pot untouched

Giving a big problem with fast fashion, I resist buying  more clothes, and think more about how to recycle old items, make them wearable again in a stylist way so it doesn’t make you look out of date.

I don’t feel the need to eat in fancy restaurants anymore, instead, I enjoy trying new recipes at home which gave more personal satisfaction than eating out.

I organise afternoon tea at home with closes friends instead of meeting them outside, I can bake healthier cake with reduced sugar for us all, so we can enjoy having a treat without feeling guilty about not being healthy

It feels more family and close when meeting at home than meeting out in my opinion too

Christmas season shopping is coming, try to resit the temptation and be a practical minimalist when buying for yourself and your loved ones

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