Minimalist diet

It is amazing to try the minimalist diet, and see amazing result!

I’ve always wanted to loose weight, drop a dress size without too much hard work, and i’ve been told it’s quite impossible.

Surprisingly, it is a myth.

The minimalist diet is actually working!

What i meant about the minimalist diet is

– minimal exercise, I actually didn’t do any exercise apart from meditation and a bit of yoga

– minimal meat and carb intake, just stay hungry, only keep fruits and vegetables in your fridge

– any food can be delicious when you are hungry, I actually enjoy all the sweet potato noodle, glass noodle and veggie.

– fruits can help with my sugar crave so cut down on biscuits and chocolate

And after 2 weeks, the tummy is getting more flat, very happy with this and ready for the next beach holiday coming

Be minimalist and happy always!

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