Happy ending – joke for Thursday

Zen, you look so angry and confused, what happened?

I am very angry with all this happy ending stories that we keep telling kids,

something like “… they get married and live happily ever after!”

Great! majority of the kids believe this, until one day they make their own fairy tales

2 under 2 year old toddlers crying, daddy is going to be late today, work is busy as ever

Alright, mom will do the drop off and pick up the kids,

Never mind the sleepless nights these days because one toddler got bad coughing at night and demand the whole family to join the night party

Some career progress and promotion is compromised because family priorities are on the plate

Zen is climbing up the life ladder and the big wind keeps blowing Zen backwards,

Then she keeps hearing this, never give up, keep on doing what you love,

It’s all become white noise in her ears, like blah blah blah …

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