Jin and Jan

It is a cloudy day; Jin has made a promise to himself that he would have to make a start with his life-long ambition. Jin puts on his comfortable pair of jeans, a clean white shirt. He looks very much smarter now.
He locks the front door, and the air is fresh, at least it’s always fresh to get out of the house. He looks around, and the street is quiet. This time, kids are in school, and people are at work. He quickly walks towards the train station and jumps on the ready waiting train.

He feels that it is a good day for him. Opposite him on the train, there is a young lady about his age. She is reading the local newspaper. Jin always thinks that daily news from newspaper never tell him much of what is happening around him, it mainly makes people worriers with some scandal on the street.
The girl is so focus on the page, Jin needs to get his job done for the day, yet he is dreaming of taking the girl out.

Honey, here is your black coffee with froth milk. Jin passes the coffee to Jan who is gazing at him with affection. Jan grabs her coffee and gently kisses Jin on his cheek. They have been together exactly a week.

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