A Journal of good feeling

I’ve realised that good feeling spreads quick. If i feel good, i can make the people around me feel good somehow. It can spreads to the community, the society and the world.

I am going to make as many good feeling posts as i could. And i do hope i bring good feeling to you when you read this, and so you can spread the good feeling to your community, society and ultimately the good feeling can cover the entire surface of the world.

Happy writing !


Feeling good about myself, waking up in a healthy body and mind

Thankful for having a house to live, a family to love, children to care for and adore

Thankful for the good place that i live in

Feeling good for the delicious food that i cooked, and that my children and husband had my food with joy and happiness

Feeling ready to welcome a festive season when i can relax with my family, exchange new life experiences and new plans and hopes, and be more supportive to one another

Eating nutritious food to nourish my health , body and mind