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Communication the buddhist way

I learned that there is a different way of communication.

Instead of piling on big words, more words and non stop talking, beginning with silence is an excellent way to express yourself in its truest form.

Keep your eyes focus on the person you are talking to, no distraction. When i look closely to the person who i am talking to, i can see their friendly face, kind eyes, the ageing fine lines, everything that makes her unique as a person.

Instead of using words, i use my heart to feel the connection between us, to feel the feeling of the person opposite me, and so when i start talking, i am able to chose a tone/a facial expression to match the perceived feeling, and by that i find a ground for understanding and communicate more effectively.

Love is the root of everything, when everything is done with love and with care, the result becomes amazing and paramount.

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Simplify your relationship

I found that the more you expect from your partner, the more chance that you will get disappointed.

So why don’t you simplify your relationship, simplify your expectations, it is more likely that you will get happier.

I have applied this method to my marriage, and it actually works, i have more time to enjoy life and focus on the positives, instead of wasting time getting stress over my relationship.

Expect nothing, everything will be a bonus in your life and you will feel that you are so blessed and your life is full of lovely surprises and happiness.

Let ‘s have the happiest new year of our life starting today!


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