Minimalist and detox

Calling all the meat eaters, including myself

Today is the first day I consciously attempt to eat no meat for a whole day

Below is my list of consumption during the whole day, and i feel all right so far,

The tummy is looking flat which is promising

Bring on tomorrow

Only 1 coffee and 1 Ferrero


Friday face

Minimalist in London

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A day at Lake Constance – Bodensee

One amazing day in nature with fresh air and breath taking views. We visited the Austria part of the lake, totally recommend it to everyone.

Lake Constance (known as Bodensee in German) is a 63km-long central European lake that borders Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Fed by the Rhine River, it’s composed of 2 connected parts, the Untersee (lower lake) and the larger Obersee (upper lake)

Day 2 in Gran Canaria – beautiful Maspalomas and massive sand dunes

It is such magnificent sand dunes, I don’t see this in any other beaches any where else

I recommend Maspalomas to everyone, it has a long sandy beach as well as the long party street full of bars, restaurants and a shopping centre, right by the sea

Seafood is of course fresh and very tasty

It feels amazing to be in the nature, recharge your battery to live life to the full

Amazing day 1 in Gran Canaria

Absolutely lovely time to visit Gran Canaria

It’s day 1 so we take it easy, walking around Puerto De Mogan, beach walking and enjoy the beautiful scenery

Black Friday


black friday
Inspiration on Black Friday


Be perfectly fabulous

People can say anything about you

Be ugly

Be lazy

Be unsocial

Don’t be anything just to please the crowd

Be yourself and kind

Be comfortable under your own skin

Be you and that’s when you are fabulous

Just celebrating the real you every day and be happy