Communication the buddhist way

I learned that there is a different way of communication.

Instead of piling on big words, more words and non stop talking, beginning with silence is an excellent way to express yourself in its truest form.

Keep your eyes focus on the person you are talking to, no distraction. When i look closely to the person who i am talking to, i can see their friendly face, kind eyes, the ageing fine lines, everything that makes her unique as a person.

Instead of using words, i use my heart to feel the connection between us, to feel the feeling of the person opposite me, and so when i start talking, i am able to chose a tone/a facial expression to match the perceived feeling, and by that i find a ground for understanding and communicate more effectively.

Love is the root of everything, when everything is done with love and with care, the result becomes amazing and paramount.


Take the daily challenge

Everyday is a brand new start

It’s our new challenge, face it and success from it

Everyday is a brand new hope

It’s our new opportunity, welcome it and be optimistic

Everyday is a brand new breath

It refreshes our lung, our cells, especially our inner peace, it keeps us living

Be thankful when you wake up healthy every day

Be thankful when life gives you a new opportunity

Be thankful to life

Be happy always

Start your day with a clear head

There are hundreds of small and big decisions we each have to make every day

Life is a string of multiple decision making process, and success or failure matter is entirely based on the multiple decisions we make each day

Start with the morning alarm, wake up or snooze, the first decision

Set a happy or grumpy mood for the day, another decision to make

Go to work or stay in, have breakfast or skip it, kiss goodbye to your loved one or Not, another decision to make…

Skip lunch, skip having a walk for fresh air, skip the yoga class

Forget to say thank you and feel thankful for everything in life

Forget to be relax and happy at home after a busy day out and about

All the tiny decisions make up a day, and many days make up a life

DON’T forget to make happy decision for ourselves and people we care about

Have a great and happy day!

Minimalist diet

It is amazing to try the minimalist diet, and see amazing result!

I’ve always wanted to loose weight, drop a dress size without too much hard work, and i’ve been told it’s quite impossible.

Surprisingly, it is a myth.

The minimalist diet is actually working!

What i meant about the minimalist diet is

– minimal exercise, I actually didn’t do any exercise apart from meditation and a bit of yoga

– minimal meat and carb intake, just stay hungry, only keep fruits and vegetables in your fridge

– any food can be delicious when you are hungry, I actually enjoy all the sweet potato noodle, glass noodle and veggie.

– fruits can help with my sugar crave so cut down on biscuits and chocolate

And after 2 weeks, the tummy is getting more flat, very happy with this and ready for the next beach holiday coming

Be minimalist and happy always!

Find a zen place in your home

Kiss goodbye to more junk stuffs!!

To celebrate the New Year, i have been decluttering my bedroom even more.

I did an intense clearing of my bedroom about 3 months ago, and the room did get more spacious and more room to relax. However, i found out that it could even get more spacious with the help of my sister.

She came for a visit and we shared the idea of minimalism. She looked at my bedroom and with her fresh view, there are more questions about whether i need these stuffs??

So it took us 2 hours this morning to throw another few more bags for recycling.

I feel great and now i am in love with my bedroom even more. It could well be a great place to find my calm self and meditating every morning or night.

Simplify your relationship

I found that the more you expect from your partner, the more chance that you will get disappointed.

So why don’t you simplify your relationship, simplify your expectations, it is more likely that you will get happier.

I have applied this method to my marriage, and it actually works, i have more time to enjoy life and focus on the positives, instead of wasting time getting stress over my relationship.

Expect nothing, everything will be a bonus in your life and you will feel that you are so blessed and your life is full of lovely surprises and happiness.

Let ‘s have the happiest new year of our life starting today!


Love, belief and hope

Only in the darkness can you see the stars. Martin Luther King Jr

What a great saying to empower everyone on pursuing one’s dream!

I have started my first few steps on pursuing my own dream, doing what i love and be happy. I can see the result getting clearer day by day and giving me the courage to keep on walking.

If you are reading this, I would like you to believe in what you love doing most and start it now if you have not done it.

Further more, I would like you to live a happy life and identify your purpose of living this life

I would like to share with you the freedom that i have discovered,  and the feeling of true happiness when you can follow your dream.

It’s never too late, let’s start today, doing 1 little thing that brings self happiness.