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Be perfectly fabulous

People can say anything about you

Be ugly

Be lazy

Be unsocial

Don’t be anything just to please the crowd

Be yourself and kind

Be comfortable under your own skin

Be you and that’s when you are fabulous

Just celebrating the real you every day and be happy

Simple happiness – happy Thursday

It is always too easy to forget what simple happiness means

The desire to want more in life keeps pushing me to work harder, work harder , work harder

The desire to prove myself to people around me keeps pushing me working harder, try harder , try harder

It is just like that, it is easy to get stressed and tired and nearly almost loosing the sight of the simple happiness

I stop all that to take a deep breath, and put things in perspective again

Simple happiness is my healthy body, my family and friends who are always there for me, my abundance of basic requirements of food and shelter

When you stop reaching far for a minute , just take a deep breath to put yourself back in the present, you feel the simple happiness which is with you right now

Live your life how you want

It is the only one life we have

We must make the most of our lives

I watched Bohemian Rhapsody today, it was so good and it reminded me that I should make the most of the life i have

Work hard and be true to yourself

Follow your heart, your guts and you will find your success

No matter how different you are among the crowd

Your differences make you unique and make your success only yours

No one can try to be you or steal your success

No matter how long the road is, keep going and believing in yourself

Friendship is precious

It is precious to have trusted friends by your side

They are like family

They are always there for you when you need them

They can count on you

You can count on them

They are making your life better and happier

They are there to treasure and cherish

Be open, make friends for life

Trust your instincts

No matter what people say to you

They don’t know everything about you

They speak from their perspective which is different to your situation and perspective

Don’t let people’s thought and opinion affect what you do and what you believe in

Trust your instincts

Trust your guts

Love being yourself and being who you are

No one will know you better than yourself

Saturday night

It has been a long day

But i am grateful for all the work that have been done today

I know that i will have a good night sleep

And today has not been wasted

I am looking forward to tomorrow

To unfold all the opportunities

To enjoy life a little bit more

And live a simple and happy life

When you feel happy

And you must write it down

It is a rainy and cloudy day

There is no sunshine

I attended a children concert

The queue in the rain was well worth it

The concert was a huge success

All the young and happy faces

The dance, the 🎵 , the atmosphere

The happiness and hope filled the air

The future is facing me, happy and smiley and promising

Such an amazing work of art

Its such a beautiful thing

Sky is the limit

Follow your dream