The moment of now

When you live this moment, you are moving it to the past

Leave it a peaceful past or regretful past, the decision is yours

Enjoy this moment, the next moment will come soon, there is no time in the now to worry about the future or the past

Just live with all your heart and your mind that is the best way to answer to the past and prepare for the future

Things around you keep changing and moving, keep your mind still that is how to keep your life peaceful when facing the revolving world

I spend time with the people i love, and treasure every moment of life because for me that is the best way to live life

Life is beautiful the way you make it


Anger and fire

Anger is like a great fire

It destroys everything it touches

Nothing left

Only regret

Only tears

We can control this fire

Just with a deep breath

Just by controlling our mind

Focus on the breath

Let the anger melt away

And never have to say it’s too late

Minimalist in China town, London

After a solid 6 months of cutting down on the unnecessaries, such as going outs, i took my sister to China town in London. My sister does not live in the UK and visiting China town is her necessity, so here i am.

It is such a shock to me, i feel like i have just felt from another planet.

All the shops are busy and crowded, you need to queue to get into Shoryu, a Japanese ramen restaurant in China town. It took about 40 minute wait in the cold. Then you got in, the seating set up was small and narrow because there were too many people. The experience was not that pleasant because i felt like everything has been rushed and no calmness or enjoyment has been fully experienced. However the ramen was delicious, there is no point to complain any further.

A bakery shop had such a long queue, and i remembered that cash is preferred, so i took out the £10 note to pay for some cakes, just to be told that the old £10 is not used anymore. It was very embarrassing because the queue was long and i was there with the old £10 note.

I felt proud of myself at the same time because that was just to prove that i have not been slashing cash for a decent period already.

The whole day walking around China town to see thousands of people passing by. It is definitely not a place for me anymore. I would prefer a calm and quiet place where i can be calm and fully be myself rather than stressing out in a buzzing place.

Live your life how you want

It is the only one life we have

We must make the most of our lives

I watched Bohemian Rhapsody today, it was so good and it reminded me that I should make the most of the life i have

Work hard and be true to yourself

Follow your heart, your guts and you will find your success

No matter how different you are among the crowd

Your differences make you unique and make your success only yours

No one can try to be you or steal your success

No matter how long the road is, keep going and believing in yourself

Trust your instincts

No matter what people say to you

They don’t know everything about you

They speak from their perspective which is different to your situation and perspective

Don’t let people’s thought and opinion affect what you do and what you believe in

Trust your instincts

Trust your guts

Love being yourself and being who you are

No one will know you better than yourself