Beautiful meditation space


Minimalist meditation

There are more and more research articles about the benefits of meditation.

I approach meditation with a minimalist style. Do the simplest thing, think the simplest way.

All i need is a quiet space in my home, start with 5 to 10 minutes. Set the timing on your phone so it rings after 5 minutes, or 2 minutes if you can’t wait.

Sit down , cross your legs, and sit still, breath in and out. Don’t let your brain and your mind wondering about with waves of thought. Just think nothing, the way to do this is just focus on the breath, in… then out…, then repeat…

Meditation has helped me sleep better, better quality sleep, reducing stress and a clearer mind. A clearer mind has helped me to tackle life in a more optimistic and effective approach.

Anger and fire

Anger is like a great fire

It destroys everything it touches

Nothing left

Only regret

Only tears

We can control this fire

Just with a deep breath

Just by controlling our mind

Focus on the breath

Let the anger melt away

And never have to say it’s too late

Your mind is the sun

I woke up to catch the morning sun

The sun has awaken earth and sent its warmth to all creatures on earth

It makes everything alive and shine through everything

You can feel it with your senses not just the eyes

Like our mind is the sun, our body is the earth

A beautiful mind shines throughout the body and make us all look beautiful in our very own way

Nurture our mind

When things not going your way

All the hard work and sweat

All the sacrifice

All the negative things that happened

They slowly washed away my determination, my energy, my creative ability

What has happened to me? is it depression that is coming my way?

Is it time to seek help?

I remember this professional doctor i have been introduced to a while back

I know he can help me to fix this

So I decided to visit him

He taught me to control my inner peace, my mind and my body

He taught me to accept myself and agree with who i am

He taught me to accept people for who they are

He taught me to live life with an open mind and a kind heart

It’s a good new beginning




When you feel exhausted

Don’t forget that you have been doing a great job

Everyone makes mistake, the successful one learns from it and carries on

Don’t be sad, there are still many things to be happy about, look on the bright side

A glass half full or half empty, happiness or sadness, it’s all in your state of mind

Be happy and grateful for life, no matter who you are and what you are doing now

If you feel a storm in your mind, come back to your breath, you can find your calm self

Your breath is your soulmate, it calms you down no matter what happens

Close your eyes, feel your breath in and out, feel your inner peace

Be happy and enjoy Friday no matter where you are