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Go easy on coffee

I have been on Pukka tea for 3 days since i cut down on my caffein intake. My skin looks brighter and the red patch look less obvious. It always is a nightmare every time i try to find a good foundation and primer to cover my acnes, my red patches , it’s always an impossible mission. I either go home with an expensive foundation from Chanel or Dior, just to find out that it normally only does half of the job, my skin still look dull and even more spots appearing on my face. Another outcome is that i don’t find any foundation and leave my face with only a water base hydration gel, and skin still look unevenly red, oily, with acne and unarguably dull. All of this does not fit for a minimalist lifestyle.

It should comes from inside out i believe, that’s why i have been cutting down on coffee, alcohol and sugar. This approach seems to work very well so far. My skin looks brighter, less oily and less acne, less red patches. This is all i ask for. Consume more fruits, salad and herbal is definitely the way for me.¬†Another invention is that i start doing regularly facial scrub with fine salt, it deep cleanse my face and antibacterial which helps to reduce red spots and acne on my face. This method by far surpasses all other type of facial cleanses and scrubs i have purchased from expensive brands, and it is kind on my budget too.

Shine like a beautiful flower, we are all beautiful inside and outside.




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Never give up doing what you love to do

Even when everything seems to go wrong and you can do nothing to make it right.

I just accept it, take it as it is and move on.

I can spend today to moan about it, but tomorrow is a new day and i never know what will bring.

I will make sure i keep my hope up and take on tomorrow with all my strengths and optimism.

I know that nothing can take me down unless i give doubt to myself and stop to believe in myself

Always smile, always be positive and stay heathy, nothing will cost you more than the sick bed.

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Break the code

So after 3 days of no coffee, i had my first cup today at 3pm, with a couple of biscuits. Remarkable note is that the coffee was not as enjoyable the way my memory used to remind me. In the past, I had 1 coffee, i finished, then i would like to have another one. Today, i feel that it was a little bit bitter, so i finish the cup and stop.

A couple of biscuits? well that was lots of refined sugar i have consumed too, but i will remind myself to go easy on sugar for the rest of today. I will make it up for this bad consumption by taking more fruits and salads for dinner, hopefully no more white carb and less meat consumed.

The good thing is that i will for sure achieve my 10,000 step target for the day, not another excuse to consume bad food, just need to remind myself that i am trying to be kind to my body, and to invest in my personal healthy body and mind. One of the favourite sayings from a great influential person ” the most expensive bed is the sick bed”, even i break the code, i still vow to be kind to my body and not going to abuse it any more.




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