Lake Garda – northern Italy

We spent 3 days in lake Garda, the place has never failed to impress with amazing scenery, delicious local food and the atmosphere is great wherever you go


The White Cliffs of Dover UK – a walking tour

A beautiful girlie day out, walking on the white cliffs overlooking the ocean and the countryside

A lovely afternoon tea with my girls and delicious local food

The view would be more stunning on a sunny day, but England is mainly cloudy with a chance of rain 😁

A day in Peak District

A brilliant day in the countryside to enjoy nature and fresh air.

And of course the massive English breakfast from local produces

Day 2 in Gran Canaria – beautiful Maspalomas and massive sand dunes

It is such magnificent sand dunes, I don’t see this in any other beaches any where else

I recommend Maspalomas to everyone, it has a long sandy beach as well as the long party street full of bars, restaurants and a shopping centre, right by the sea

Seafood is of course fresh and very tasty

It feels amazing to be in the nature, recharge your battery to live life to the full

Tree of life = Human connection

How are we all unique and different

We are just different leaves from the same big old tree

We are all connected

We share the same big root and follow the same life cycle

We are life

We are nature

We are one





It’s my favourite day

When i have time and energy to do what i love

So i took a walk in my favourite park

Watching swans and birds enjoying themselves

I listen to my favourite piece of music, today it is Swan lake the musical

I took photos of the trees and flowers, they look beautiful in the sun today

Watching people in the park

Everything and everyone seems to be having a good time and it looks like it is a peaceful place i am living in

It is a beautiful day