Find a zen place in your home

Kiss goodbye to more junk stuffs!!

To celebrate the New Year, i have been decluttering my bedroom even more.

I did an intense clearing of my bedroom about 3 months ago, and the room did get more spacious and more room to relax. However, i found out that it could even get more spacious with the help of my sister.

She came for a visit and we shared the idea of minimalism. She looked at my bedroom and with her fresh view, there are more questions about whether i need these stuffs??

So it took us 2 hours this morning to throw another few more bags for recycling.

I feel great and now i am in love with my bedroom even more. It could well be a great place to find my calm self and meditating every morning or night.


Feel the soul of your city

If you take time to be a tourist in your own city, you will feel its very own and unique soul

Why people love to visit this place? google the name of your city, there are tons of reasons why it is such a charming and inviting place

The beautiful long road with big tall trees along the walk way, in autumn you can see the amazing big old leaves falling to the ground, the big old trees have been here for years and centuries, they are the soul of the city

The old, tall and beautiful buildings

The old bricks made up the road, the pavement that you walk on

The river across town

Life goes on, thing passes quickly, only the the crucial things that matter, they are actually not material things, they are your feeling

Only if life could be slow down