Achieve a calm and relax 15 minute serenity

I want to have a relax day and be myself, but today i can’t flight to a sunshine sandy beach, so i browse my holiday photo books again. I found the picture below which i took while i was in Con Dao Island in Vietnam, such a beautiful memory and I would absolutely love to visit this island again one day.

Looking on the bright side, i made myself a warm cup of tea. If you have done yoga, you will know that you need to focus on your breath for every yoga posture, it helps you to calm and relax your body and your mind. While making my tea, I do it slowly, focus on my breath in and out, i feel calm when i don’t think anything else but only the action of pouring hot water from the kettle to the cup, adding milk, stirring, and ensure to achieve the perfection through out the whole process. And when you are done, just sit down and enjoy your cup of tea, and feel your present, and hope you feel the inner peace like i do.

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A minute or a day to forget about your own problem

A tsunami hit an island in Indonesia today and killed nearly 500 people, it makes me feel ALL my current problems in life means so little compared to this huge loss to mankind. There are so little i can do

  • Find a reliable charitable organisation like Oxfam Appeal or Unicef and start donating, millions of small donation will make a difference to many struggling lives there
  • Spread the news as far and wide as i could and expect people to do something which i believe could make a big impact
  • Pray for the loss lives and realise that the distance between life and dead are so far yet so near, and there’s no time to moan for the past or over worrying about the future, may be just live and be content at the present
  • Be kind to people around me because i don’t know what tomorrow will bring
  • Love more and worry less
  • Realise that a life time dedication to wealth, fame and material accumulation could all disappear in a blink of an eye, only love will stay with you till the end
  • Be a minimalist and be happy
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Never stop following your heart

Be with the one you love, invest your time and effort in what you love doing. Never doubt your heart and never let the surrounding noise interfere with your inner voice. Keep doing what you love because this will be the motivation for you to never give up and have faith to keep doing what you love to do.

Be with people you love and love you because they will be with you no matter what you do and give you unconditional support.

Love yourself more for doing what you love and listen to your heart and you will go as far as your life takes you and you will find success, you will never fail if you invest in your heart and your love.

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The minimal traveller

The first stage of becoming a minimalist: throw away things that you don’t feel happy around them, declutter your house, buying less goods and create more space in your house

When you live a simple life and cutting down on material shopping, you will be more free and travel the world with the money you could save from buying stuffs



Enjoy simple food, with a calm and present mind , don’t let your mind wonder away, focus on what you have at present and treasure this minute


Go through your photo library and enjoy those beautiful captures you have made

Photo 22-02-2012 00 18 08


Photo 22-02-2012 00 18 14


Photo 22-02-2012 00 20 24


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I have been to developing countries where people are poorer yet happier because they live a simpler life and desire less




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Life reflection

It is hard to be content in life, i always dream to have more, go out more, spend more. I also want to have someone else’s life. Some people are born rich, they told me if anything can be solved by money then it’s not a big problem. Well, money is my problem, I don’t have much money and there are things which needs to be solved with a big amount of money then it is my problem. But i happen to know that rich people have problem in their lives too and i aware that sometimes they want my life.

Life is not perfect, to have happiness is to happy with being oneself and live a unique life, everyone is unique and everyone has good and bad things which is just part of this life. Desire less material good and focus on the inner peace, meditating, yoga and eat in moderation, this is the way to have a healthy body and healthy mind and be happy.

My life mojo is in this order: Wealthy is not as good as being healthy, being healthy is not as good as being happy. Do things that make me happy and keep doing what i love, all the dots will connect in the end.




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