Stairway to the star


A day in Sapa Vietnam

I absolutely love this place

A must visit destination when you come to Vietnam

Sapa has everything to offer from delicious BBQ food to mountain view scenery

In Sapa you walk pass flying clouds ☁️ , Vietnamese people call Sapa the transition from reality to paradise

A day in Malaga Spain

It was a good time spent walking in the city centre and checking out the architecture as well as the city culture

Croatia – Dubrovnik city in 1 day

One day walking around Dubrovnik old town and the city walls

Beautiful place and love to visit again

I spent the whole day exploring the town centre with lots of shops and bars/restaurants to try

The city walls are 1,940 metres long and you can walk all the way around them (it usually takes about 2 hours), absolutely breath taking view and everyone should try it

A day in Schärding

A beautiful experience visiting Schärding and immersed in the Austrian culture and environment

There was break of sunny spell , a bit of rain but the air was crisp and fresh, even in the cold, it was such a memorable trip

The coffee, pastries, and local food was amazingly delicious and recommended to all travellers

Schärding is a town in northern Austrian state of Upper Austria, the capital of the district of the same name, and a major port on the Inn River.

Historically, it was owned by the Wittelsbach family, which reflects in the town’s architecture




Day 2 in Gran Canaria – beautiful Maspalomas and massive sand dunes

It is such magnificent sand dunes, I don’t see this in any other beaches any where else

I recommend Maspalomas to everyone, it has a long sandy beach as well as the long party street full of bars, restaurants and a shopping centre, right by the sea

Seafood is of course fresh and very tasty

It feels amazing to be in the nature, recharge your battery to live life to the full

Amazing day 1 in Gran Canaria

Absolutely lovely time to visit Gran Canaria

It’s day 1 so we take it easy, walking around Puerto De Mogan, beach walking and enjoy the beautiful scenery

Black Friday


black friday
Inspiration on Black Friday


Be perfectly fabulous

People can say anything about you

Be ugly

Be lazy

Be unsocial

Don’t be anything just to please the crowd

Be yourself and kind

Be comfortable under your own skin

Be you and that’s when you are fabulous

Just celebrating the real you every day and be happy

Simple happiness – happy Thursday

It is always too easy to forget what simple happiness means

The desire to want more in life keeps pushing me to work harder, work harder , work harder

The desire to prove myself to people around me keeps pushing me working harder, try harder , try harder

It is just like that, it is easy to get stressed and tired and nearly almost loosing the sight of the simple happiness

I stop all that to take a deep breath, and put things in perspective again

Simple happiness is my healthy body, my family and friends who are always there for me, my abundance of basic requirements of food and shelter

When you stop reaching far for a minute , just take a deep breath to put yourself back in the present, you feel the simple happiness which is with you right now