Start your day with a clear head

There are hundreds of small and big decisions we each have to make every day

Life is a string of multiple decision making process, and success or failure matter is entirely based on the multiple decisions we make each day

Start with the morning alarm, wake up or snooze, the first decision

Set a happy or grumpy mood for the day, another decision to make

Go to work or stay in, have breakfast or skip it, kiss goodbye to your loved one or Not, another decision to make…

Skip lunch, skip having a walk for fresh air, skip the yoga class

Forget to say thank you and feel thankful for everything in life

Forget to be relax and happy at home after a busy day out and about

All the tiny decisions make up a day, and many days make up a life

DON’T forget to make happy decision for ourselves and people we care about

Have a great and happy day!


Calm Saturday evening

We went out in the early afternoon, bought all the necessities for the kids, favourite food and snacks for the family.

We got home at 5pm, sat down and enjoy all the favourite things we bought earlier.

No more housework or chores to do. I put my feet up and listen to my favourite music.

The kids are playing with their toys and running around me, i can’t stop smiling watching them play

Little happiness and minimalist life , I wouldn’t change it for anything else

It is only 7pm, still got lots of time to enjoy the evening

Have a lovely weekend everyone

The moment of now

When you live this moment, you are moving it to the past

Leave it a peaceful past or regretful past, the decision is yours

Enjoy this moment, the next moment will come soon, there is no time in the now to worry about the future or the past

Just live with all your heart and your mind that is the best way to answer to the past and prepare for the future

Things around you keep changing and moving, keep your mind still that is how to keep your life peaceful when facing the revolving world

I spend time with the people i love, and treasure every moment of life because for me that is the best way to live life

Life is beautiful the way you make it

Minimalist meditation

There are more and more research articles about the benefits of meditation.

I approach meditation with a minimalist style. Do the simplest thing, think the simplest way.

All i need is a quiet space in my home, start with 5 to 10 minutes. Set the timing on your phone so it rings after 5 minutes, or 2 minutes if you can’t wait.

Sit down , cross your legs, and sit still, breath in and out. Don’t let your brain and your mind wondering about with waves of thought. Just think nothing, the way to do this is just focus on the breath, in… then out…, then repeat…

Meditation has helped me sleep better, better quality sleep, reducing stress and a clearer mind. A clearer mind has helped me to tackle life in a more optimistic and effective approach.

Find joy in your daily work

You love your job, great!! However there must be a day or two when you feel that you have had enough, and you want to break free.

Just take a minute to stop all the speculation in your head, just live at the present

Stop thinking that you will have to spend a whole day working and it’s boring

Just take a breath, enjoying the fresh air, focus on your steps if you are walking , focus on your breakfast if you are having one

Don’t let your mind wonder to the past , don’t worry about some unfinished work, or speculate about the future, the present is all you have right now, live it, make it, enjoy it!

Have a fantastic day!

Minimalist diet

It is amazing to try the minimalist diet, and see amazing result!

I’ve always wanted to loose weight, drop a dress size without too much hard work, and i’ve been told it’s quite impossible.

Surprisingly, it is a myth.

The minimalist diet is actually working!

What i meant about the minimalist diet is

– minimal exercise, I actually didn’t do any exercise apart from meditation and a bit of yoga

– minimal meat and carb intake, just stay hungry, only keep fruits and vegetables in your fridge

– any food can be delicious when you are hungry, I actually enjoy all the sweet potato noodle, glass noodle and veggie.

– fruits can help with my sugar crave so cut down on biscuits and chocolate

And after 2 weeks, the tummy is getting more flat, very happy with this and ready for the next beach holiday coming

Be minimalist and happy always!

Anger and fire

Anger is like a great fire

It destroys everything it touches

Nothing left

Only regret

Only tears

We can control this fire

Just with a deep breath

Just by controlling our mind

Focus on the breath

Let the anger melt away

And never have to say it’s too late