Find joy in your daily work

You love your job, great!! However there must be a day or two when you feel that you have had enough, and you want to break free.

Just take a minute to stop all the speculation in your head, just live at the present

Stop thinking that you will have to spend a whole day working and it’s boring

Just take a breath, enjoying the fresh air, focus on your steps if you are walking , focus on your breakfast if you are having one

Don’t let your mind wonder to the past , don’t worry about some unfinished work, or speculate about the future, the present is all you have right now, live it, make it, enjoy it!

Have a fantastic day!


What changes my day from just another day to a brilliant new day

Wake up on time to catch sunrise, it brings a powerful energy for the day, i am not sure if science has proved thisπŸ˜πŸŒ…

Have plenty of time to complete the morning routine without rush, breath well in every move

Have a glass of lukewarm water is great to cleanse the body

Do your favourite yoga pose if you can – this is still a challenge for me to do it every morning

Serve your breakfast

A black coffee or breakfast tea

You are ready to take on any challenge of the day

Read a new book

After 3 days visiting the library, i have finished reading a book called The outliers. It is a great book explaining how some people are more successful in some aspects in life than the rest.

It feels a great sense of achievement. I haven’t finished any book in such a long time.

There was a long period where I didn’t accomplish much of doing what i love. It was almost just doing what i could to accumulate wealth.

But today,

I have read a good book

I have achieved at least 10000 steps every day for a week

I have cut down on caffeine intake

I am trying to eat less meat and sugary food

I can finally say that i enjoy living these days

Make me smile today

Live to your full potential

Enjoy life while you live

Life is special and precious

Be happy is the best medicine for your health

Be grateful for small things that makes you smile

Thank you those who bring me a smile every now and then

Smile is the best gift 🎁 in your life

Don’t forget to smile every now and then

Live another day with gratitude πŸ™

Thank you life