Greed – it takes your happiness away

When you still want more, demand more, you don’t appreciate what you have, then you will always feel happiness is yet to achieve

If you appreciate your life,  you are happy to wake up in the morning, you are living your one and only life

Happy for the breakfast, the food, you are not in hunger

Happy for the healthy body and simple mind, you are not in sickness

Happy for the job you are doing, you are not jobless and unemployed

Happy for the love and care from your loved ones, you are not lonely and abandoned

Happy for everything you have in your house, in your life, you are not having nothing

Then happiness is yours






Call me a Christmas believer

Happy time of the year

Time to spend with the people you love

Time to show that you care

Time to live simply but happily

It’s not about Christmas shopping

It’s about Christmas feeling

Most preciously, time to love yourself a little bit more

Help yourself a cup of Christmas creme brûlée latte

Weekend time

It is time to unwind for you

It is work time for me

We live separate lives

We seem distance and unconnected

But let’s treasure one another’s lives

Because we all have our own stand on earth

We all contribute our parts to life

We are equal

Your weak points are my strong points and vice versa

We are the missing puzzles to completing the earth puzzle masterpiece

Be positive

Be happy

Materialist v minimalist

He told her

You are way too materialistic

She took it as a compliment for her career success

But little did she know, it is nonsense to connect a person’s identity with the thing they possess

And then one day she read about minimalism

And she read about Buddhism

She stops to possess things, starts to nurture the inner peace and possesses more of happy feeling

It is a materialist world to live in, be minimalist

Set yourself free

I saw a lady, she dressed very well , everything on her looked elegant and expensive.

Why I don’t feel the happiness shining out on her face

Why she looks like she is caring a burden on her shoulders

Is she a prisoner in her own body

Is she not able to set her mind free

Why she looks like she is having everything but happiness

Picture taken from Tate Britain

Happy life

Is living without regrets

Is not giving up after failures and failures

Is believing in what you are doing

Is always smiling even when everything seems not right

When you believe, somehow you will.

You will, when you believe…

Inspiration from Whitney Houston – When you believe



Start the day with happiness

The moment you wake up , it ‘s the start of a new day , it is when you are fully capable of doing a few good things for your life, change it, improve it, make it better, make people around you feel that they are so lucky to have you in their lives. You can do it, it’s a whole new day and the power to make an impact is lying with you.

Life is full of amazing surprises and all you need to do is open your heart and your mind to take it in. When you are unsure and in doubt, when you expect a miracle the least, when there is no hope, a miracle will come so unexpectedly. All we need is hope and try our best.

Life is amazing and it’s amazing to be living

Feel happy, live simply, plan for the best to happen


Happy Monday

I know today is a happy Monday

The sky is clear and blue with sunshine

I have a lovely minimalist breakfast, breakfast tea and a piece of freshly baked fruit cake

Catch up with the morning news from all my favourite channels and newspapers

Wear my favourite piece of jewellery

Say goodbye to my kid before they go to school and remind them that i love them

Carry on with the work i love to do and try to work hard

Remember to do everything with a calm mind and a zen attitude,

Remember to cut down on sugar and caffein, Pukka tea is my saviour through out the day

Be active, if i have time i will take a walk in the park

Be positive be kind be happy