Start your day with a clear head

There are hundreds of small and big decisions we each have to make every day

Life is a string of multiple decision making process, and success or failure matter is entirely based on the multiple decisions we make each day

Start with the morning alarm, wake up or snooze, the first decision

Set a happy or grumpy mood for the day, another decision to make

Go to work or stay in, have breakfast or skip it, kiss goodbye to your loved one or Not, another decision to make…

Skip lunch, skip having a walk for fresh air, skip the yoga class

Forget to say thank you and feel thankful for everything in life

Forget to be relax and happy at home after a busy day out and about

All the tiny decisions make up a day, and many days make up a life

DON’T forget to make happy decision for ourselves and people we care about

Have a great and happy day!


Greed – it takes your happiness away

When you still want more, demand more, you don’t appreciate what you have, then you will always feel happiness is yet to achieve

If you appreciate your life,  you are happy to wake up in the morning, you are living your one and only life

Happy for the breakfast, the food, you are not in hunger

Happy for the healthy body and simple mind, you are not in sickness

Happy for the job you are doing, you are not jobless and unemployed

Happy for the love and care from your loved ones, you are not lonely and abandoned

Happy for everything you have in your house, in your life, you are not having nothing

Then happiness is yours





Happy life

Is living without regrets

Is not giving up after failures and failures

Is believing in what you are doing

Is always smiling even when everything seems not right

When you believe, somehow you will.

You will, when you believe…

Inspiration from Whitney Houston – When you believe