Hard work, don’t give up

It’s been hard work this month

It’s not as easy as I hoped

There is no certainty

I still carry on

I believe in following my dream path

I believe in making my dream life

Work happily and work hard

The dream reality will come one day


Weekend time

It is time to unwind for you

It is work time for me

We live separate lives

We seem distance and unconnected

But let’s treasure one another’s lives

Because we all have our own stand on earth

We all contribute our parts to life

We are equal

Your weak points are my strong points and vice versa

We are the missing puzzles to completing the earth puzzle masterpiece

Be positive

Be happy

Materialist v minimalist

He told her

You are way too materialistic

She took it as a compliment for her career success

But little did she know, it is nonsense to connect a person’s identity with the thing they possess

And then one day she read about minimalism

And she read about Buddhism

She stops to possess things, starts to nurture the inner peace and possesses more of happy feeling

It is a materialist world to live in, be minimalist

Control freak , yes or no?!

I asked a friend to have coffee with me,

I picked my favourite coffee shop, ordered my favourite latte for us both, i decided what topic to talk about and i say goodbye to my friend when my time is done.


I asked my friend where she wants to go, what drink she will have and if there’s something in her mind which she would like to share with me

On a personal level,

Don’t be a control


To your mind, treat your mind as a friend who can speak for itself

You can do it by meditating, calm your mind,

Free your mind

Only then you can find out who you truly are,

Find your unique identity, and see what miracle thing only you can do

Wake up at sun rise

I have read a few books about successful people and their habits. They all work hard doing what they love and passionate about.

They wake up early and start their day early

It took an average of 10000 hours to master anything, i can’t wait to clock in 10000 hours of doing what i love

I will wake up at sun rise tomorrow and start the day like a successful person

It is the journey that make you feel happy every day , and success is the result of keeping up with your passion and working really hard for it

A day at the beach

It is a sunny day and i decided to visit the nearest beach to my home

On sunny days in the past when i had to lock myself at the office and work all day, i always dreamt of spending the day on the beach

It took days and years of dreaming that dream and today i finally make it.

It is not another day in the office dreaming but actually being on the beach

It feels good

It is so simple, i got a day off, bought the ticket and go.

It is all about making the dream rather than just dreaming it

Baby steps

Photo 21-02-2012 03 23 32Today, i am walking my baby steps

Tomorrow i will be completing a journey of thousand miles

I know it’s important to make a start

I will keep walking despite rain or shine

I will keep walking forward

I will let the world touch my heart before my head

I will listen to my heart

Nothing can stop me

I believe everyone can make his own path to his dream land and live his dream life

All it takes is to make a start

Don’t give up

And keep on believing

Karma – it brings miracle




I do believe in karma, or another saying, what comes around turns around.

I believe everything we do will have cause and effect

When people need my help, i do my best to help them, bring more joy to their lives

Then when i face hardship in life, someone will be able to help me out , we are never alone

Lucky is not random, it must be seeded to bloom one day

Have you planted your seed of luck?

It is never too late to be kind and receive kindness from others


Two parts of life


It feels amazing and super exciting when you are waiting for someone who you haven’t seen for months, especially when that person is a very important part of your life

It is such treasure moment and i would never want it to end

Life is so funny, we have to part with our loved ones, then it’s reunion time, it’s like yin and yang. You have to be apart to appreciate so much the moment you are together.

I only want happy things to happen, but then unhappy moment makes me value the true happiness

Like day and night, winter and summer, hello and goodbye

Life is so miraculous yet it is difficult to live sometimes, just believe no matter how long the night gets, it will come daylight soon


You look beautiful when you smile



When you smile , you shine like the morning light

When you smile you bring warmth to me and brighten my day

I love to see your smile that is what i long for every day

Smile is an amazing gift in life

Smile is the simplest form of happiness and we are all capable of being happy anytime

Keep smiling even in tough situations, faith and hope and love are the best friends who will keep you smiling all along