Forever young

This man is 65 year old. He has got cancer for 13 year, and now the cancer is in the final stage.

He is on a reality talent show, he started dancing 3 year ago when he met his dancing partner, and also his girlfriend since.

He is still glowing with big smile on his face all the time

On the TV show, he wants to remind us, the younger generation that

  • it is never too early to look after your health, one day you could probably use the money you work hard to earn, to pay for your hospital bill
  • follow what you love doing, dancing can heal your soul , your body, let you enjoy life, and forget about the physical pain if you have cancer
  • don’t forget to be always optimistic, because you always can find someone who will make your life become magical

Treasure your life as you never know when it will end


I have done that

Hey, i started my first yoga session yesterday

Imagine what my friend would say:

Cool, i started mine last 5 years and never look back

Another one,

I have recently started eating veg and no meat, it’s for a healthier me.

Continues your friend,

– Great! I stopped eating meat 10 years ago

Why it feels like i am always the slow one, and always the one who catch up rather than being ahead?

Because it is just not wise to compare to anyone else.

Everyone is different and we all have our own timeline and agenda

Stop comparing and be positive

It is just pointless to compare and being jealous for what you don’t have yet

Take a deep breath and live calmly and happily , be grateful about life

Keep doing what you love

Because that is the only way to carry on

Because you only enjoy life if you can do what you love

Because only then you can look at the world through the beautiful lenses

Life can’t be justified if you can’t live to your dream and making your dream come true

Your life is precious and you can’t waste it living someone else dream but yours

All you have is one life, and only one life that you should make the most of it and enjoy every minute of it

Picture taken in Tate Britain

You can surpass all the pain

It was yesterday ,

I faced the pain which was a matter of life and death

It is today ,

I live and look back to that pain, it was only in the pass , it was only in my memory

Today life is beautiful and i enjoy every minute living it

All pain will pass, only if you don’t give up and make the most of the present

It is amazing to be alive

Happy life

Is living without regrets

Is not giving up after failures and failures

Is believing in what you are doing

Is always smiling even when everything seems not right

When you believe, somehow you will.

You will, when you believe…

Inspiration from Whitney Houston – When you believe