Baby steps

Photo 21-02-2012 03 23 32Today, i am walking my baby steps

Tomorrow i will be completing a journey of thousand miles

I know it’s important to make a start

I will keep walking despite rain or shine

I will keep walking forward

I will let the world touch my heart before my head

I will listen to my heart

Nothing can stop me

I believe everyone can make his own path to his dream land and live his dream life

All it takes is to make a start

Don’t give up

And keep on believing


Zen with a toddler

It is difficult to have zen with a buzzing toddler all day long.

It is difficult just to sit down for 10 minutes with a toddler, it constantly involves running around, get this, fetch that. Do you hear me? You never get to sit down properly!

Sitting down is a luxury!!!

Think again, zen is not about sitting still all the time. When i spend time with my 2 year old daughter, i don’t forget to pay attention to my breath, i feel present and thoroughly enjoy the moment.Photo 19-02-2012 04 57 32

Zen is achievable even when you are with kids, zen is in everything if you don’t forget your breath

Breath in, you feel this moment, breath out, you are living this moment

This is zen in life

The essence of life

It is a beautiful morning, just after a rain, the air is crispy clean, the breeze is just enough to pamper your face and cool you down.

It is perfect. It is a stroll in my favourite park. If you need to calm down, being in nature is the way to go. I call this my zen walk, it’s time to feel the fresh air, to focus on my breath and breath properly.

It is my time, not anyone else. Time for me to focus on my mind, body and soul.

You can achieve calm and inner peace in such a minimalist way, it feels great !

No matter how hectic and overwhelming life gets, don’t forget to spend time walking in your favourite park

Karma – it brings miracle




I do believe in karma, or another saying, what comes around turns around.

I believe everything we do will have cause and effect

When people need my help, i do my best to help them, bring more joy to their lives

Then when i face hardship in life, someone will be able to help me out , we are never alone

Lucky is not random, it must be seeded to bloom one day

Have you planted your seed of luck?

It is never too late to be kind and receive kindness from others


Two parts of life


It feels amazing and super exciting when you are waiting for someone who you haven’t seen for months, especially when that person is a very important part of your life

It is such treasure moment and i would never want it to end

Life is so funny, we have to part with our loved ones, then it’s reunion time, it’s like yin and yang. You have to be apart to appreciate so much the moment you are together.

I only want happy things to happen, but then unhappy moment makes me value the true happiness

Like day and night, winter and summer, hello and goodbye

Life is so miraculous yet it is difficult to live sometimes, just believe no matter how long the night gets, it will come daylight soon


Blue sky thinking

When is the best time for decision making?

It’s not when you are rushing around with your chores

It’s not when you are taking a break at lunch time

It’s not when you are driving home in the busy traffic

It’s not when you playing with your kids or catching up about the day with your loved one

It’s not when you are enjoying your meal after a long day at work only relying on coffee

It is when you are free from everything and leaving things behind, and there is nothing in your head , you look at the blue sky and you see your head is crystal clear too

You look beautiful when you smile



When you smile , you shine like the morning light

When you smile you bring warmth to me and brighten my day

I love to see your smile that is what i long for every day

Smile is an amazing gift in life

Smile is the simplest form of happiness and we are all capable of being happy anytime

Keep smiling even in tough situations, faith and hope and love are the best friends who will keep you smiling all along



Zen thinking – be yourselves


There are days when your mood slumps , nothing seems right and it’s difficult to cope with it, but do not worry

Just remember everything changes, up then down, more then less, that is how the world evolves, trees grow old, kids grow up, changes happen.

There is no way to holding on, nothing really lasts forever, live life to the full and not holding on to the past, take every new day with our new deep breath and all new opportunities are just around the corner

We just need to adapt to the changes, and carry on living happily and make the most of every new day, discover our true and unique potential, don’t need to copy anyone because you will just be the second best.

Be yourselves, keep a heart of gold, that’s the best reward we can achieve

Tomorrow is an excuse for today

The only thing you must be is be kind

Keep a kind heart, don’t hurt anyone, try to help when you can

Then there is nothing can stop you from doing what you love

Life is so short that you cannot make excuse to not living your life at this moment

If you have responsibilities , try to fulfil it at the same time, because that is a vital part of leading a good life

There is no point saying i will do it when i am rich or when i am old and free, because the future is so uncertain that we all have no clue what tomorrow can bring

What if you died tomorrow , what would be the things you love to do today the most?!

Start living, today

Minimalist – To do list

There are so many things to do in such a short time frame every day.

But i feel grateful because my list of things are all the things i love to do, and that is how i spend my day

Doing things that you love, mean you never work a day in your life. This is so true. Life is short to force yourself doing things that you hate.

I hear too many people saying i hate my job, but i have to do it because of a, b, c, d….etc.. and the list is getting longer and longer. Just step back and think hard again, there is nothing you hate but you have to do, because everything has pros and cons. When you compromise, there is nothing can stop you from doing what you love.

In a minimalist world, people can do what they love that is what we focus on, the unnecessary should all have been decluttered, that is why i am becoming a minimalist

stack of love wooden blocks
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