Beautiful meditation space


Your mind is the sun

I woke up to catch the morning sun

The sun has awaken earth and sent its warmth to all creatures on earth

It makes everything alive and shine through everything

You can feel it with your senses not just the eyes

Like our mind is the sun, our body is the earth

A beautiful mind shines throughout the body and make us all look beautiful in our very own way

Nurture our mind

When you feel exhausted

Don’t forget that you have been doing a great job

Everyone makes mistake, the successful one learns from it and carries on

Don’t be sad, there are still many things to be happy about, look on the bright side

A glass half full or half empty, happiness or sadness, it’s all in your state of mind

Be happy and grateful for life, no matter who you are and what you are doing now

If you feel a storm in your mind, come back to your breath, you can find your calm self

Your breath is your soulmate, it calms you down no matter what happens

Close your eyes, feel your breath in and out, feel your inner peace

Be happy and enjoy Friday no matter where you are




Control freak , yes or no?!

I asked a friend to have coffee with me,

I picked my favourite coffee shop, ordered my favourite latte for us both, i decided what topic to talk about and i say goodbye to my friend when my time is done.


I asked my friend where she wants to go, what drink she will have and if there’s something in her mind which she would like to share with me

On a personal level,

Don’t be a control


To your mind, treat your mind as a friend who can speak for itself

You can do it by meditating, calm your mind,

Free your mind

Only then you can find out who you truly are,

Find your unique identity, and see what miracle thing only you can do

Meditate your soul

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In any circumstances

People will be kind to you if you are kind always

People will be your good friends if you are a good friend to them

I help friends when i can, it actually is for my own good, i feel happy every time i can help someone

Helping people is a self healing therapy, it brighten my day, make me feel useful and i keep wanting to do more

Selfless is another way of being complete and feeling complete

Being happy means making other people happy at the same time

Practice makes perfect, be helpful in life

Meditate your soul, make it the happy monk in its very own temple – your healthy body