Beautiful meditation space


It’s my favourite day

When i have time and energy to do what i love

So i took a walk in my favourite park

Watching swans and birds enjoying themselves

I listen to my favourite piece of music, today it is Swan lake the musical

I took photos of the trees and flowers, they look beautiful in the sun today

Watching people in the park

Everything and everyone seems to be having a good time and it looks like it is a peaceful place i am living in

It is a beautiful day

The essence of life

It is a beautiful morning, just after a rain, the air is crispy clean, the breeze is just enough to pamper your face and cool you down.

It is perfect. It is a stroll in my favourite park. If you need to calm down, being in nature is the way to go. I call this my zen walk, it’s time to feel the fresh air, to focus on my breath and breath properly.

It is my time, not anyone else. Time for me to focus on my mind, body and soul.

You can achieve calm and inner peace in such a minimalist way, it feels great !

No matter how hectic and overwhelming life gets, don’t forget to spend time walking in your favourite park