Calm moment

Be calm

Be present

Be with your breath

Be happy


Zen with a toddler

It is difficult to have zen with a buzzing toddler all day long.

It is difficult just to sit down for 10 minutes with a toddler, it constantly involves running around, get this, fetch that. Do you hear me? You never get to sit down properly!

Sitting down is a luxury!!!

Think again, zen is not about sitting still all the time. When i spend time with my 2 year old daughter, i don’t forget to pay attention to my breath, i feel present and thoroughly enjoy the moment.Photo 19-02-2012 04 57 32

Zen is achievable even when you are with kids, zen is in everything if you don’t forget your breath

Breath in, you feel this moment, breath out, you are living this moment

This is zen in life

The essence of life

It is a beautiful morning, just after a rain, the air is crispy clean, the breeze is just enough to pamper your face and cool you down.

It is perfect. It is a stroll in my favourite park. If you need to calm down, being in nature is the way to go. I call this my zen walk, it’s time to feel the fresh air, to focus on my breath and breath properly.

It is my time, not anyone else. Time for me to focus on my mind, body and soul.

You can achieve calm and inner peace in such a minimalist way, it feels great !

No matter how hectic and overwhelming life gets, don’t forget to spend time walking in your favourite park

Zen thinking – be yourselves


There are days when your mood slumps , nothing seems right and it’s difficult to cope with it, but do not worry

Just remember everything changes, up then down, more then less, that is how the world evolves, trees grow old, kids grow up, changes happen.

There is no way to holding on, nothing really lasts forever, live life to the full and not holding on to the past, take every new day with our new deep breath and all new opportunities are just around the corner

We just need to adapt to the changes, and carry on living happily and make the most of every new day, discover our true and unique potential, don’t need to copy anyone because you will just be the second best.

Be yourselves, keep a heart of gold, that’s the best reward we can achieve

Zen at work

I have been working with many difficult people , to some extent, they make me feel like the office is a war zone, i feel uncomfortable around them, i resist to talk to them, i avoid going to lunch at the same time with them. I can’t help it, it happens so i behave in such a negative way. It actually affects my day and makes me enjoy going to work less.

Now i think about it, it’s all in my head. All the negative thought in my head just do no good for me, it makes me behave in such negative way, it surely stop me from being my best and it adversely affect my performance. Now i learn to tackle all the negativity in life with a positive mind and willing to make friends rather than drawing a war zone, eventually, we are all human and we love to be loved.

I have started practised the zen at work, and it’s not 100% perfect, but one sure thing is when my mind is still like a still lake, i can see thing much clearer and in its truest form, i just don’t let negative thought about people enter my head. I look at life through my shiny new positive lens, and become a better version of myself.



Achieve a calm and relax 15 minute serenity

I want to have a relax day and be myself, but today i can’t flight to a sunshine sandy beach, so i browse my holiday photo books again. I found the picture below which i took while i was in Con Dao Island in Vietnam, such a beautiful memory and I would absolutely love to visit this island again one day.

Looking on the bright side, i made myself a warm cup of tea. If you have done yoga, you will know that you need to focus on your breath for every yoga posture, it helps you to calm and relax your body and your mind. While making my tea, I do it slowly, focus on my breath in and out, i feel calm when i don’t think anything else but only the action of pouring hot water from the kettle to the cup, adding milk, stirring, and ensure to achieve the perfection through out the whole process. And when you are done, just sit down and enjoy your cup of tea, and feel your present, and hope you feel the inner peace like i do.

Photo 21-02-2012 03 23 26